5 Tips to Follow When You Are Buying an Out-of-State Home

In a perfect world, a person would live in the same city they were buying a home in – or at least in the same state. The truth of the matter is that many people must buy a home in a state they have little experience with. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices we know how nerve-wracking this can be and we are here to help you through it. Keep reading for our best tips for buyers who are buying a home out of state, then contact us at (310) 373-0021 for personalized help.

1. Research is your friend

You should do oodles of research before buying any home but this is even more true when the home is out of state. You will have a qualified agent to help you find the right home, but you can also do your own research to find out which neighborhoods are best, what an average home costs, and more. It is true that the more information you have, the better your experience is likely to be.

2. There is nothing as important as choosing the right real estate agent

When you are moving to another state, you need a real estate agent to be your eyes and ears. You need to choose an agent who will take the time to understand what you want, what you need, and what you will not accept. If you find an agent who truly understands what you are searching for and does not waste your time trying to talk you into something above your budget or that otherwise does not work, then you will find the right home must faster.

3. Consider working with a relocation expert

You may think of relocation experts as an option for corporate moves, but they are great for individuals too. They can help with a number of aspects of the move, such as finding the right movers, helping get utilities turned on, finding out when school starts, etc. These services are often free because they make their money from vendor referrals.

4. Remove the word “stupid” from your vocabulary

You should always feel free to ask your real estate agent any question you have, even if it feels “stupid” but this is even more true in the case of a long-distance move. For example, if you have bought a home in your current state then you may be confused about normal practices in other states. Do not be afraid to ask – every state is different and it is essential to know the facts about your closing.

5. The inspection may be more important than the closing

If the state you are moving to allows you to close the transaction without being physically present, and you can only attend either the inspection or the closing, then you may want to choose the inspection. This is a good time to not only see the property in person but get an expert, unbiased opinion about the potential pitfalls of the property.

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices we stand ready to be the eyes and ears for you. Contact our offices at (310) 373-0021 to learn more.