When you find your dream, you want to do whatever is necessary to get the sellers to accept your offer. You may consider that skipping the inspections is a great way to make your offer more appealing. The truth is that this is not something you want to negotiate on. Keep reading to learn why we almost never suggest you skip an inspection. If you are ready to find a dream home, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 for help.

The Importance of the Pre-Sale Inspection

If you love the home, you should have it inspected before you sign a contract. Yes, you will be out the cost of the inspection – which can cost hundreds of dollars – but that is much better than being out several hundred thousand dollars if you bought a home that was not safe to live in. The inspection will give you plenty of information about the state of the home.

Note that if the inspection comes back with bad news, that does not necessarily mean that you can no longer buy the home. It may be that the inspection shows the roof only has another few years left in it. You can then ask the seller to either replace the roof or reduce the price of the home so that you can have it done. There are always options if the other side is open to negotiation.

The Importance of the Seller’s Inspection

The seller will sometimes choose to have their home inspected before they sell it. Generally, they choose to do this so that if there are issues, such as hidden roof problems, they will know that before they have the house listed for sale. They then have the option of deciding if they want to make repairs or perhaps lower their asking price to make up for issues.

A seller’s inspection helps the seller avoid last-minute issues that can cost them money. For example, if they have a sale pending inspection and the inspection shows a major issue, they have less negotiating power if the buyer knows they are already half moved out of the home.

If you are buying a property, note that whoever pays for the inspection is the one the inspector is liable to. In short, this means that if you buy a home and trust the seller’s inspection, any future problems are not the responsibility of the inspector as they are only beholden to the seller.

Inspections Can Help You Move Quickly

If you have already found a home you want to move into, then it makes sense to have an inspection done of the home you are selling. This lets you price it right and gives you the facts so you can get the home sold as quickly as possible. Whether buying or selling, if you have questions you can contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 today.