Yes, you want to buy a new home that is beautiful and offers all the amenities you want. However, you should also be looking to ensure that it doesn’t have the things you don’t want. Keep reading to learn about four potentially dangerous things to avoid. If you are in need of a real agent, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 for help.

1. Mold

If you were searching for a home to buy, fell in love with a property, and found out it was infested with mold, it is likely you would give purchasing it a lot more thought. However, what if a home is infested with mold and you don’t know? You may assume that would come up on the inspection but mold can be such a dangerous thing (especially for people who deal with allergies) that you must be 100% sure any house you are considering is free from mold.

2. Exposed Asbestos

Until the middle of the 20th Century, asbestos was a very common building material. At that point, it was discovered that it was actually very dangerous and could cause cancer. Builders no longer have the option of using this substance in buildings or products, but older homes may still have it. If there is asbestos in a building, it is not harmful – unless it is moved or disturbed.

The issue with asbestos comes when it is cut or when demolition happens. If you plan to buy the home and keep it relatively the same, this may not be a concern. If you are planning to do a lot of construction on the home – especially DIY construction, then you should be aware of the potential dangers of it.

3. Fire

Too often, homeowners don’t take the risk of fire seriously. The truth is that, on average, seven people will die in house fires every single day. Most of those fires are the result of problems with appliances used every day, candles, or cooking equipment. Many fires start in the laundry room when dryer lint collects and catches fire. In fact, dryers are the number one cause of house fires. When buying a home, make sure that t comes with the appropriate number of fire extinguishers, that any included appliances have high fire-safety warnings, and make sure you have clear entrances and exits.

4. Bathroom Hazards

Bathrooms are the most dangerous rooms in the home. This is due in large part to the slippery surface of the floor. When a person falls, the best-case scenario is that they are embarrassed. The worst-case scenario is that they break a bone or hit their head. Choose a home with safety features in the bathroom or be ready to upgrade it to include safety features.