Whether you’ve been looking for a new house for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even several years, you’ve probably run into some unusual real estate jargon. Do you understand what each one means? Find out how many of the most common real estate terminology you truly understand by reading on. Call Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 as soon as possible if you have any queries regarding them or any other issues pertaining to purchasing or selling a house.


A home’s value can be estimated with an assessment, but it is much more than that. It is created by a professional and licensed appraiser. When comparing it to other properties, they take into account more than simply your house. Their estimate is based on facts rather than mere speculation.

Closing Expenses

These are the costs associated with purchasing a home. When the sale is finalized, they become payable. They can consist of many different things, such as a house inspection, title search, appraisal, pest inspection, and much more. For your closing fees, you should set aside 1% – 3% of the overall cost of your new house.

Market Comparative Analysis

A real estate agent makes this in order to calculate their estimation of the worth of a piece of property. They take into account comparable houses with comparable sizes, conditions, features, and ages. Although the exact definition of “near” can change, the homes utilized for the CMA will be close to the property. For instance, it would most likely mean within a half-mile in a busy metropolis, whereas a rural property would have a CMA based on properties within 20 miles. Because it was prepared by a real estate agent for your information only, it differs from an appraisal.

HOA Fees

A homeowners association is the governing body of a housing development, townhome complex, or condo building. It may be more commonly referred to as a HOA. They establish guidelines and limitations for everyone who resides there. In most cases, fees and additional assessments are also due. Before you purchase a house, you must be aware of the HOA fees because they can drastically raise your monthly expenses. However, it frequently includes advantages like paid utilities or landscaping.


A real estate agent is likely to ask for pre-qualification, also known as pre-approval, or other financial information from you before showing you a house. Lenders use a variety of criteria, including your income, assets, credit score, and other details, to assess if you are likely to be approved for a mortgage.

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