Whether you are looking to buy a home to invest in, or you are thinking of improving your home before you sell it, you might be wondering what home renovations can make the biggest difference. Keep reading to learn about some of the big ones, and then contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 to find a buyer’s agent who can help you find the perfect fixer-upper.

Open Floor Plans

If you have watched any homebuyer TV show in the last decade, then you know that almost all buyers are looking for the elusive “open floor plan.” If you do not currently have one, you can make one. Ideally, your living room, dining room, and kitchen would be one open area. You might be able to do this as simple as removing a few walls. Of course, the concern is always that you must make sure to have support walls kept in place.

Even if your home’s need for structural support requires extra columns or beams to be installed, decorate around them, so they look like they were always part of the plan.

Landscaping Matters More Than You Might Think

Making a big investment into the landscaping of your home can have a big payoff. For example, a 2018 survey found that 17% of Realtors had sold a home recently thanks to landscaping maintenance projects. To do a major overhaul, which includes mowing, shrub pruning, applying mulch, and planting 60 flowers over around 2,800 square feet costs an average of $3,000. However, it has a 100% return on investment.

You might wonder: if it has a 100% return on investment, that means I’m just breaking even – why should I bother investing? Another study from 2019 showed that more than 75% of agents believed that landscaping is the top curb appeal project, and nearly 94% of them believed it could increase the value of your home.

What’s more, when a person drives up to your home and sees unkempt landscaping, they are likely to assume that the home is not well kept inside either. Even if this is not true, they will start off with a negative opinion and it is just downhill from there.

Replace Your Garage Door

There are a few things that top today’s buyers list, two of which often include home security and curb appeal. If your home has an attached garage, then the quality of your garage door has a huge impact on the safety of your home. Likewise, a garage door is often one of the first things a person sees.

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