If you are heading out to check out an open house, then you may have questions about what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do. The most important tip is that you should always have a real estate agent with you. You will hire one eventually, so it makes sense to have one there from the beginning. Keep reading to get other tips about open house etiquette.

Have a Plan Before You Leave the House

It’s best not to just wander in and out of open house as you find them. Instead, go over the open houses with your real estate professional and they can come up with a list. You can then visit them in an order that makes sense. This is also for the benefit of the sellers as they would prefer that people do not come looking at homes that are out of their price range or otherwise not a good choice for a particular person.

Wear Comfortable Clothes That Are Appropriate

It is likely you will be going to see several house in the same day. As a result, you want to wear something that is comfortable. You don’t want to wear a full suit and a ballgown, yet shorts and a tank top may not be proper either. A pair of jeans or shorts and a nice shirt, combined with comfortable shoes, should be fine.

Be Polite to the Person Hosting

Remember that if you end up buying a home, you do not know who you will end up dealing with. It may be that the seller gets several offers to choose from. If you were polite to their agent, then this may be enough for the agent to prefer you over the other buyer if that buyer was less than nice. If the agent seems pushy, simply tell them that you have an agent and be sure to thank them as they are leaving.

Remember That the Focus is on the Property

Remember why you are there: To find the home of your dreams. There may be handouts that include square footage, the number of bedrooms, and other essential information. You are going to be looking at a lot of houses in a single day, so do not assume that you will remember what the property was like. Take notes, including how you felt about each property.

It can be helpful to take photos so you can more easily remember things you did or didn’t like about a house. That said, it is polite to ask first. If you have questions about the process of buying or selling property, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 and let us help you with your needs.