If you want to get the best price for your home and you want it to sell as quickly as possible, then it is important to stage your home correctly. One of the rooms we often see hidden by clutter is the kitchen. If your kitchen is overwhelmed by “things,” here are three steps you can follow to help de-clutter it before you list your home for sale.

1. Get Rid of Everything That is Not Edible

Begin with your refrigerator and then move on to your freezer. Then go to your cabinet and pantry. Throw out anything that is clearly not edible or that is mysterious. Do not spend more than 15 minutes per shelf – this should be done on a gut instinct. Ask yourself, “Is this still good?” Make sure that anything you keep is something you are actually going to use. If you have not used it in the last six months, throw it out.

The goal here is to make your home more appealing when it goes up for sale, and if a buyer sees a pantry full of outdated and crusted bags of flour, this is not going to appeal to them.

2. Get a Donate Box and Fill it Up

After you have handled the food, go through the rest of your kitchen. Open each drawer and cabinet. Get rid of anything that you rarely use. This could be tools, pots, pans, dishes, or glasses. Put items that are still good into your donation box. If something is broken, cracked, or otherwise worn out, throw it away. Chefs recommend never having a “single use tool,” meaning that everything in your kitchen should be used for at least two things.

3. Clear Off Your Counters

This often means getting rid of trash and items that have accumulated on your counter but do not belong there. You should also find somewhere else to put your small appliances, your coffee maker, and everything else. The goal is to make sure that your counter looks spacious. If it is crowded with things, it will not look spacious.

This might sound strange, but think of it like this: Most people use their toaster for fewer than five minutes per day, yet they let it take up valuable counterspace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not give up that real estate for something that is so rarely used.

We Can Help Offer Unique Tips for You

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