Yes, you want to buy a new house that is attractive and has all of the features you desire. However, you should check to see whether it contains any of the items you don’t want. Continue reading to find out about four potentially deadly items to stay away from. Contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 if you need a real estate agent.


If you were looking for a home to purchase and fell in love with one only to discover it was infected with mold, you’d probably think twice about buying it. What if, on the other hand, a home is contaminated with mold and you are unaware of it? You may think that would come up during the inspection, but mold can be so deadly (particularly for individuals who suffer from allergies) that you must be very certain that any home you are contemplating is mold-free.

Asbestos exposure

Asbestos was a prevalent building material until the middle of the twentieth century. It was determined at that time that it was extremely harmful and may cause cancer. Builders can no longer use this material in structures or goods, but it may still be present in older residences. If asbestos is present in a structure, it is not dangerous unless it is moved or disturbed.

The problem with asbestos arises when it is cut or when it is demolished. This may not be an issue if you want to buy the house and maintain it essentially the same. If you want to conduct a lot of building on your house, especially DIY construction, you should be aware of the risks involved.

Fire dangers

Homeowners frequently fail to recognize the dangers of fire. The reality is that every single day, seven people are killed in home fires. The majority of these fires are caused by difficulties with everyday appliances, candles, or cooking equipment. When dryer lint gathers and catches fire, many fires originate in the laundry room. Dryers are, in fact, the leading cause of home fires. If you’re buying a house, check sure it has enough fire extinguishers, that any included equipment has high fire-safety warnings, and that the entrances and exits are clear.

Bathroom dangers

The bathroom is the most hazardous room in the house. This is due in great part to the floor’s slick surface. The best-case scenario for a person who falls is that they feel ashamed. They might break a bone or knock their skull in the worst-case scenario. Choose a property with bathroom safety features or be prepared to remodel your current home to add them.

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