We have come to the coziest time of year and many are looking forward to saying goodbye to a tough year. As the holidays approach, if you are selling your home, or have just moved into a new one, consider these ideas that can help make your home look and feel cozy.

Set the Mood with Candles and Lighting

Tow of the things that will best set the mood are candles and lighting. When you choose candles, they will provide a soft, natural light. They can also add warmth and a subtle scent, if you choose. We suggest scents that bring to mind cozy times of year, such as evergreen and bonfire. If you do not want candles, you can also install dimmers so you can enjoy a subtle glow instead of blaring lights.

Put Something in the Oven

Scent is the sense that will most quickly bring a person back to their happiest memories. Many people have certain foods associated with the holidays and certain people. Get in the kitchen and cook something that will bring all of that back. This will not only make this year feel cozier, but you could teach future generations how to make some of the foods that give you the happiest memories.

Don’t Forget Textures

We have covered what you can do to see and smell a cozy home, but do not forget that texture is important. We recommend plush throws, cushions, and sheepskin. If you are planning to sell your home, you might not want to buy a ton of options, but if you are sticking around for a few years, get many different fabrics and pillows so you can really snuggle in. feel free to buy affordable faux alternatives, too.

Use Board Games as Décor

Does anything bring back memories of days gone by quite like board games? Pull your kids or partner away from the TV and play board games. If you do not want to play, you can also simply keep them out as décor. This is a great way to make a place feel homier and more welcoming when you are staging a home.

Get Help from the Real Estate Professionals

If you are thinking about selling your home, it is essential that it is staged correctly. Depending on the likely buyer, the area, and the type of home it is, it could be that staging it with a modern style is right, while other homes might do great with a cozy vibe. Trust us at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to take care of this for you. Call now at (310) 373-0021 to get started.