There are probably a number of reasons why you want to keep your newly purchased house as sanitary and clean as possible. Even while most homes are spotless when the keys are exchanged, there are a few actions you can do to ensure that your new home will be completely clean when you move in.

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Internal and external window cleaning

Cleaning the windows is one of the best methods to quickly make a whole house seem and feel cleaner. Make sure they are all very clean by washing them both inside and outside. If the windows are current, you probably have no trouble opening them so you may clean the outside of your house from inside. If not, get the exterior of your windows on higher levels by hiring an expert.

Clean the coils and inside of the refrigerator

Once you have purchased a property, even if the refrigerator appears clean, we advise that you spend the time cleaning both the interior and exterior of the refrigerator. This also entails cleaning the coils. The coils that circulate air within your refrigerator are what provide the chilling effect. The refrigerator may operate less effectively if dust has accumulated on the coils.

Clean the ceiling fans

Particular attention should be paid to unseen regions that might still collect dust, dirt, and germs. A good illustration is ceiling fans. You need to prevent dust from accumulating on the blades. Make careful to inspect the blades and turn them in the appropriate direction. If it’s a contemporary fan, it probably rotates counterclockwise in the summer to provide cooling power while turning clockwise in the winter to remove colder air.

Clean the dryer vent

This is lot simpler than most people think, and it’s also far more crucial. A dryer vent poses a major fire risk if too much lint and dust are allowed to accumulate in it. Unplug the dryer before moving in so that it is not receiving power. Then, either purchase a specialized dryer-vent cleaning brush or use an attachment on your vacuum to clear it out.

Put money on deep carpet cleaning

It doesn’t hurt to have the carpet professionally cleaned before you move in, even if it appears clean and even if they claim it is brand new. This can eliminate dust, allergies, and other problems. Professional carpet cleaners can remove dust, dirt, and food particles that have become embedded deep inside the carpet by doing a thorough cleaning.

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