If you are planning to sell your California home, then you might have heard that there are some renovations that can help you get a better price and/or sell your home more quickly. While there are some renovations that can be well worth the time and cost, there are others that are not – and some are good ideas for some and bad ideas for others.

Keep reading for tips on selling your home and whether or not you should complete renovations. Then contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 to get specialized advice on your specific home.

1. Cosmetic Damage

If you have scuffed floors, peeling paint, or other obvious cosmetic damage, you might assume that it is always worth the minimal cost and work of fixing this. Not so fast. If fixing the cosmetic damage will make a huge difference, then you can go ahead and do it. However, if the cosmetic damage is on twenty-year-old flooring that is almost certainly going to be replaced by the buyer, then there is likely no reason to fix the damage.

2. Kitchens and Bathrooms

When you look for advice on what renovations should be done, you are likely to see that kitchens and bathrooms are the most important. In fact, we have given this advice in the past. However, if your home is in need of a total overhaul, then it might be worth leaving as is. Why? Because home buyers often consider these fun areas to repair and look forward to planning their own bathroom or kitchen design.

3. Partial Fixes

If you are going to make repairs, go all the way. If you end doing half, then the buyer is going to consider it the same as if it was not done at all – and you will have wasted time and money with your partial fix.

4. Repainting in Popular Colors

In some cases, it can be a good idea to take a few hours and paint the walls of your home. However, we do not recommend doing this in popular or trendy colors. The fact is that popular colors are not popular for long – and that they do not appeal to everyone. If you are going to paint, choose neutral colors that most people will like or find inoffensive.

5. Renovation Past What is Available in Your Neighborhood

If you have numerous homes in your neighborhood that are for sale, and they are all in great shape, then you might need to do some renovations to get a comparable price. However, you do not need to be the best-looking house or the most updated house on the block – you only need to match others in your price range.

Of course, every rule is made to be broken and nothing applies to 100% of properties. That is why it’s wise to work with a real estate professional who can offer guided, specific advice. You can do so by calling Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021.