Tiny house interior, living in small spaces.

The art of selling a home can be tricky, particularly when the house in question may not be the largest on the block. Thankfully, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers proven strategies to make your property appear more spacious and appealing to prospective buyers. Today, we delve into several essential tactics for creating the illusion of more space. Feel free to reach out at (310) 373-0021 to learn more about our home listing services.

Create More Open Space

The easiest way to create an immediate visual transformation is to declutter. Consider removing excess furniture from your rooms and strategically arranging the remaining pieces. As much as possible, design clear walkways and avoid blocking paths with larger furniture items, like sofas. A congested room tends to look and feel more cramped.

Switch to Stainless Steel Appliances

Colorful or dark-toned appliances, such as white or black stoves, can make your kitchen appear smaller. An ideal solution is replacing them with stainless steel variants, which have a bright, light-reflecting surface. If investing in new appliances solely for selling your house doesn’t seem feasible, consider using high-quality stainless steel covers for your existing appliances.

Opt for White Walls

Rooms with bold colors can often feel more confined. A fresh coat of warm white paint can help make a space look larger. If your rooms feature dark wood, consider painting it white as well. While you might prefer more character in your wall colors, remember that potential buyers are looking for a blank canvas that can be personalized according to their preferences. Neutral hues, such as white, help them envision their dream home transformations.

Make Lighting a Priority

A dimly lit room tends to feel smaller than it truly is. Consider swapping any non-recessed lights in your kitchen for recessed lighting. In living areas, layer lighting from different sources, such as floor lamps that light the ceiling, table lamps, and overhead lights. The brighter a room is, the more spacious it will seem.

Introduce a Bonus Room

For homes on the smaller side, showcasing an “extra room” can make the space more appealing to buyers. This could be a repurposed area in your basement or garage, turned into a cozy study, or transforming a large storage closet into a small functional room by removing the shelves.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg in enhancing your home’s appeal to potential buyers. If you’re ready to list your home or want additional advice, get in touch with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices today at (310) 373-0021.