Interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table.

Every home has its quirks, and an ideal one in every aspect is a rarity. When large kitchens aren’t on your non-negotiable list, embracing a smaller kitchen can become a delightful possibility. The following suggestions aim to help you make the best use of your cozy kitchen and give it a larger-than-life appeal.

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Expand Your Work Area

Chances are, your small kitchen might be housing spaces that can be transformed into functional areas. Consider investing in a sink cover to double up as a chopping board. Similarly, burner covers can convert your stove into an extra workspace. Install a wall-mounted, fold-down table for occasions when you need additional counter space. Look for underutilized areas in your kitchen that can be repurposed to enhance usability.

Maximize Vertical Space

Underused vertical spaces can be cleverly used for additional storage. For instance, the wall around your stove might be an excellent spot for a pegboard to hang pots and pans. Small spaces beneath cabinets or above sinks can house magnetic strips for knives or spice jars. Don’t forget, the side of your refrigerator can be decorated with chalkboards, hangers, and more.

Incorporate Compact Bookcases

Adding small bookcases can significantly increase your kitchen’s storage potential. They come in different sizes, and they offer ample space for organizing your items. While they can store cookbooks, they can also hold pots, pans, storage containers, dry goods, and baskets. Install hooks on the side for light kitchen items like aprons.

Update Your Lighting

The lighting in kitchens can be tricky. Perhaps, you’re dealing with outdated fixtures that could get a boost just by cleaning the bulbs and changing the covers. If your prep areas are dim, consider installing adhesive lights under the cabinets.

Ensure track lighting or any other directional lights are pointed towards the “kitchen triangle”, the well-used path from the stove to the refrigerator and the sink. If the lighting seems inadequate, it might be time to add more.

These are only a few tips to maximize the potential of a small kitchen. Should you need a home with a larger kitchen, the dedicated professionals at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices are ready to find the perfect property for you. Let’s embark on your home hunting journey today. Reach us at (310) 373-0021.