Photographing a Home for Sale: These Tips Will Help You Sell It

If there is just one tip for sellers that we want everyone to know it’s that pictures matter. In today’s digital age, it is unlikely that a potential buyer is going to come to an open house without first looking through pictures of the property. If those pictures are hard to see, poorly lit, or otherwise do not make a good impression, then they are unlikely to show up for the open house.

When you choose to work with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as your seller’s agent, then you can count on us to help you with the photography process. In the meantime, you can also read about some of the most important photo tips.

You must take pictures of what really matters

First things first, the most important tip for real estate photography is to take pictures of what really matters. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What are they looking for? They do not care about your furniture, art, etc. They want to look at the home. Remove clutter and clean your home before you take pictures. You want the potential buyer to be able to imagine their own things in your home without being distracted by your own belongings.

Brightness is your friend

If you surveyed a million professional photographers about what the most important factor is in taking a good picture, you can bet that the vast majority would tell you that it is light and that there is no better light than natural sunlight. Take pictures of your home during a sunny day. Open up your curtains to let the sun in. If you take pictures on a day that is dark and gloomy, then you will end up with pictures that do not show your home in its best light – literally.

Take photos from the doorway

There is no way around it: It is hard to take a picture of a room that can accurately get across what the feel of the room is like. Too often, a homeowner will try to focus on taking shots all over a room or from the middle of the room. The best option is actually to take the photo from the doorway looking into the room. In most cases, this gives the most comprehensive look into the room.

Shoot exterior pictures from an angle

Most people who are not trained in photography will take pictures of the exterior of a home from directly in front of it. This gives the viewer nothing more than a two-dimensional view of the front that makes it appear flat. Instead, take pictures from an angle so that potential buyers can see the depth of the home. If there are exterior obstructions, such as electrical wires of phone poles, try to keep them out of the picture. At a minimum, make sure they are not the focal point of the picture.