Figuring out the best staging opportunities when selling a home can be a challenge – and this can be even more of an issue for a pet owner. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices we are here to help you at every step of the process – including staging your home when you have pets. Keep reading for our tips and then contact us at (310) 373-0021 if you are ready for our help.

1. Start by Repairing Any Damage That’s Been Done

Too often, people think of home staging as just grabbing items and grouping them or decluttering. The truth is that the purpose is to help buyers imagine living in your home. They do not want to imagine living in a home with visible damage – especially if that damage has been done by pets. It does not matter how you arrange your art or what furniture you use, if you have damaged floors, walls, furniture, or doors, buyers will notice.

Does this mean you have to rip up your carpet and replace it or repaint every room in your home? Absolutely not. If your pets have damaged doors by scratching them, touch up the area that’s been damaged. If there are stains on the carpet form your pets, rent a carpet-cleaning machine and use pet stain remover. You do not need to fix every issue but you should do whatever minor repairs you can do to make it appear you do not have pets.

2. Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

Anytime you are trying to sell your home you will want to ensure that it is spic and span. However, if you are cleaning up after pets then you may need an even deeper clean. Remember that there is such a thing as olfactory adaption, which means that your nose automatically adapts to any smell you smell on a regular basis so that you do not detect it. This is why even though you may not smell your pets, others smell them the moment they walk in your door.

Your deep cleaning should include more than just cleaning the floors and wiping down the walls. You should also get rid of pet hair from your curtains. Wash any bedding your pet sleeps on. Clean out any area your pet has access to.

3. Get Rid of Any Sign You Have a Pet

In a perfect world, you would clean your home well enough that no one would detect you have a pet. Do not then ruin the effect by leaving your pet’s food and water dishes out. If possible, get your pet out of your home during showings – and take evidence with you. A potential buyer who does not know there has been an animal living in the property will not make assumptions they might make if they knew about your pets.

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