In an ideal world, everyone would have the opportunity to live in a home they truly loved. Unfortunately, that is not always a reality. If you are not happy in your home, there are steps you can take to try and make it a happier place to live. Keep reading to discover six of those solutions and feel free to contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 if you need assistance finding the right home to buy.

1. Move

We have found the perfect home for many clients who reported their disappointment that they had not started looking much sooner. Often, they assume there is nothing in their price range, or that the home they have is the best they can afford. We say that if you are living in a home you do not like, then you might be best advised to simply move to a home you like.

2. Add New Color

If your home makes you unhappy because it is a garden apartment with no windows, or otherwise feels dreary, consider adding some color. This could include painting the walls a bright color like yellow, or even a bright white, or it could mean adding a pop of color with a bright couch or bedspread. Greens and blues are associated with well-being so those can be great colors to consider as well.

3. Declutter

Studies have shown that a cluttered space can lead to a messy brain. If you feel overwhelmed and uninspired in your space, try decluttering it. Start small by picking one room or one portion of a room. As you start to get rid of things, you can use the satisfaction with your accomplishment to keep you going through to the rest of your home.

4. Digitally Detox

It might be that it is not your home at all but rather the way you feel there. If you are like many people during COVID-19, you are on social media and your phone in general so often that the days start to all seem the same. Take a day or two off of all media, except that which is required for your job. Stay off the TV. Don’t play video games. Find something else to do that can get you out of your funk.

5. Make Your Home Smell Magical

Smell is a sense that has a much bigger impact on people’s feelings than they often realize. Use different smells in various rooms depending on how you want to feel in them. For example, your bedroom may have a lavender scent, since it promotes relaxation, while your living room might have a woody scent that promotes a feeling of being grounded.

6. Let There Be Light

It might be that the issue is simply that it is too dark in your home. Natural light is the best option to truly brighten up and refresh your home. Without enough natural light, you can experience many negative mental health issues.