Yes, you want to purchase a brand-new home with all the features you want and that is appealing. But you should make sure it doesn’t include any of the things you don’t want. Read on to learn about four objects you should avoid since they could be harmful. If you require a real estate representative, call Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021.


You would probably think twice about buying a home if you were trying to buy one and fell in love with it only to find out it had mold. On the other hand, what if you aren’t aware that a house has mold contamination? You might have assumed it would come up during the inspection, but because mold can be so fatal (especially for those who have allergies), you must be very confident that any home you are considering is mold-free.

Exposure to Asbestos

A common building material up to the middle of the 20th century was asbestos. At the time, it was decided that it was exceedingly dangerous and might result in cancer. Although this material can no longer be used to create structures or products, it may still be found in older homes. A structure containing asbestos is not dangerous unless it is relocated or otherwise disturbed.

When it is broken or destroyed, asbestos becomes an issue. This might not be a problem if your goal is to buy the house and keep it very much the same. You should be aware of the risks if you want to do a lot of home improvement work, especially if it is DIY.

Fire Risks

Homeowners frequently overlook the risks posed by fire. The truth is that seven individuals lose their lives in house fires every single day. The bulk of these fires are brought on by issues with kitchenware, candles, or common appliances. Many fires in the laundry room start when dryer lint builds up and ignites. In reality, the main source of house fires is dryers. Make sure a home has enough fire extinguishers, that any included equipment has strong fire safety warnings, and that the entrances and exits are clear before purchasing it.

Bathroom Risks

The most dangerous room in the house is the bathroom. This is largely because of the floor’s slippery surface. A person who falls will, at the very least, feel embarrassed. In the worst instance, they might knock their skull or shatter a bone. Be prepared to alter your current home to include bathroom safety elements if you don’t choose a property with them already.

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