Unique Options to Add Lighting to the Hallways of Your New Home

Any good real estate professional will tell you that you should try to ignore the aesthetics of a home you’re thinking of buying. Paint colors and flooring can be changed. Focus on the bones of the house, its location, and whether the layout and size works for you.

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, we help clients find the perfect home and then perfect it. Read on to learn some unique ways to add light to a hallway that might not be perfect when you buy it. If you’re reading to search for your perfect home, contact us at (310) 373-0021.

Wall and ceiling lights

A hallway without natural light could require two sources of lighting to make it feel more pleasant. The wall sconces and ceiling lights combine to make a dull, dark hallway into a gleaming, opulent area. Contemporary gold finishes contribute to the overall elegantly basic appearance.

Light pendants

A row of shaded pendant lights in a hallway look effortlessly classic. There should be at least seven feet between the bottom of the pendant and the floor, so be sure your ceilings are high enough to support large pendants like these.

Picture lights

Picture lights bring light to your corridor and illuminate wall art for a refined look. Aim the light at the middle of the artwork or photograph by positioning it at a 30-degree angle. Battery-operated picture lights are a simple DIY alternative to wired picture lights.

A geometric chandelier

Lighting may bring a little glitz and shimmer to your corridor, similar to jewelry. For example, a series of gold, octagonal chandeliers in the hallway serve as a focal point and attract the eye upward, heightening the appearance of the ceilings and highlighting the exquisite crown molding.

Semi-flush fixtures

Because they don’t hang too low, semi-flush fixtures are frequently utilized in corridors because they provide more style than recessed lights while still working for standard ceiling heights. These brass and white ceramic scalloped ceiling lights (selected by @diyjenna) add a sleek, contemporary touch. At $100 each, they are shockingly inexpensive, and when you need numerous fixtures, a good deal is always a benefit!

Statement flush-mount light

Use a little hallway alcove to make a bold lighting statement. A pleasant surprise is provided by a flush-mount brass and crystal light fixture in a room that may otherwise go unnoticed. Install striking wallpaper on the walls and ceiling to give even more intrigue.

These are only a few ideas of how you can take a home that isn’t quite perfect and turn it into a functioning dream oasis. You can contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices at (310) 373-0021 for help today.